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a collab w/ PBS Chicago/WTTW

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film available free to all via & the PBS app

(Roku, Apple TV, et al.) in collab w/ PBS Chicago/WTTW 

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descalza |
caro arias

founder & ceo

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the weeping radish |
uli bennewitz

founder & ceo

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the palace international |
caren & moses ochola

cofounder & ceo

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the docuseries
the impact initiative

impact |

The DreamxAmerica film release marked the launch of a partnership between Mona, Kiva, and DxA to provide zero-interest loans to small-business entrepreneurs across the U.S.

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all entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply & all eligible applicants will be accepted. 

we especially welcome applications from immigrant, refugee & first-generation entrepreneurs.

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apply to be a Mona

Entrepreneur (20-30 mins)

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 with point person on Mona team

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apply for a $1k-$15k loan on Kiva's site; Mona endorses your app (20-30 mins)

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Mona helps ensure your loan is fully crowdfunded by promoting your Kiva page

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Mona provides personal support throughout process

join the movement

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